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HYB What Happens When YOU are BROKEN? How Do YOU Heal Yourself?

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Women are born to be caretakers. It is part of us. We are genetically programmed to take care of others. During that process we fail to take good care of ourselves. As a result, we put ourselves last on the list and many times are the first to experience adverse consequences like disease and illness.

In the process of trying to achieve my version of “perfection” and taking care of everyone else’s needs before my own, I was faced with health challenges and mental anguish, so much so, that I had become “broken”. So what do YOU DO when you have become “broken”? How do you heal yourself from this place?

When Joseph Campbell described “The Hero’s Journey”, he spoke to the most difficult struggle you will have in your life leading you to the most amazing outcome you can’t even possibly imagine. Personally, I had to hit rock bottom before I could begin to find a way out of the chaos and pain. In fact, I am experiencing the Hero’s Journey right now.

Louise Hay teaches us that we are molded from youth by ideals we learn from our parents. However, YOU cannot blame your parents for your current situation. No manual exists for how parents can be perfect parents, and unfortunately in most cases, our parents were not aware they were doing anything wrong because they learned by example from their parents. She teaches us to let it go and forgive them, and urges us to not harbor those feelings of resentment and anger from our childhood. To truly begin healing our body and mind, we need to practice healing affirmations of forgiveness. This practice is incredibly empowering!

Today’s message is to LOVE YOURSELF and practice loving affirmations and forgiveness to optimize your healing process.

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