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HYB Dedication to HEROES: WHO is YOUR Hero?

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou

Who is YOUR Hero?

Your personal hero can be whoever you want them to be. Your hero could be a superhero, like Superman or Wonder Woman. Or, you may have a political figure, like John F. Kennedy, or popular media icon, like Louise Hay or Oprah Winfrey, as your hero. Maybe a popular historical figure is your hero, like Mother Teresa or Gandhi. You may choose a biblical figure, like Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Finally, maybe you choose a friend, teacher, mentor or family member as your hero.

In this video blog, I highlight a dedication to my hero, my Grandmother, Anna. My Grandmother embodied so many characteristic traits that were passed on to my family and I. She held herself to the highest ethical standards and lived a life of love, graciousness, kindness and generosity. I learned “grace” from my grandmother.

After this video blog, take some time to reflect on your hero or heroes in your life. If they are living, find a way to let them know with gratitude. If they have since passed, send light and love in the form of prayer to them so they know how much of an influence they had over your life.

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MOTIVATE: Music Playlist to Heal Yourself Beautiful

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


I am old enough to remember when the first “boom box” came to market.  Do you remember boom boxes and tape recorders?! I recall how excited I was by the concept that I could record my favorite music and make MIXED TAPES!  I was obsessed with making mixed tapes.  Maybe you were one of those kids who sat by the radio waiting for your favorite song to be played (first you had to call the radio station to make a song request) and the minute the song started playing you made a mad dash to hit the record button.  Sometimes I would scramble because I didn’t have a tape ready, or be faced with the terrible decision to record over the top of something else!  It was very stressful!

My purpose is to save you the stress and anxiety related with the “olden days” of recording mixed tapes.  I have created a compilation of my Heal Yourself Beautiful® TOP 10 SONGS TO MOTIVATE. These are the songs I hand-picked to listen to when I was going through illness and fatigue.  To fight the fatigue I had to find ways to create more energy so I forced myself to go on hikes.  I created a playlist that contained music that was uplifting and had lyrics that would make me HAPPY.  This music mix makes me happy… in fact I’m smiling right now because I am listening to it as I write this blog.

By the way, I still make “mixed tapes” in the form of CDs for my friends… that hasn’t changed!

I am sure you have your own playlist with the exact same purpose, but if you don’t, why not download mine?  Enjoy!


  1. “Happy” :  Pharrell Williams
  2. “On Top of the World” :  Imagine Dragons
  3. “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” :  Michael Franti and Spearhead
  4. “Don’t Worry Be Happy” : Bobby McFerrin
  5. “Beautiful Day” : U2
  6. “I’m Walking on Sunshine” : Katrina & the Waves
  7. “I Lived” :  One Republic
  8. “Eye of the Tiger” : Survivor
  9. “Fighter”: Gym Class Heroes (Feat. Ryan Tedder)
  10. “Roar” :  Katy Perry