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God is GOOD All the Time

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


God is Good all the time

God is Good All the Time

When you feel EXTREME GRATITUDE coming on, you need to shout it from the rooftop! GOD IS SO GOOD — ALL THE TIME! My faith remains stronger than my fear. GOD will supply you for today and all of your tomorrows.
I am on an arduous and scary journey. Each tomorrow brings uncertainty and wonder. Have I made the right decision? Am I on the right path? Is this my soul’s purpose, divinely assigned to me? With every question and worry, I rope myself back into the present moment, which I CONTROL, and allow a moment of prayer. I am provided for all my needs. I have been humbled by my experiences this last year, teaching me what truly matters in life. I have more than enough to sustain my basic needs. I am healthy, able-bodied, strong, beautiful, intelligent, and well-equipped to sustain the hurricane forces that have come against me. Each new day still dawns a sunrise, I breathe a new breath of air, I see my gorgeous Coachella mountains, I hear the birds chirping around me, I smell the pungency of the earthy desert floor, and I am grateful for each new experience. I am a FEARLESS LIONESS WARRIOR! I put on the Girdle of Truth! I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness! I put on the Shoes of Peace! I put on the Shield of Faith! I put on the Helmet of Salvation! I take the Sword of the Spirit! I am protected from Satan’s fiery darts of doubt, denial, and deceit so I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat.
Praise the LORD for he IS SO GOOD! I am so BLESSED. When you stay in faith, through the storm and the trials, you will be delivered God’s mercy and abundance.

FAITH It Until You Make It!

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

Heal Yourself Beautiful FAITH


“Faith it until you make it.”

I love this! You probably have had friends and mentors tell you to “fake it until you make it”. THIS is far more accurate statement. If you follow the path of FAITH, and believe that God or your higher power, has control of the situation, you leave the fear-based space. Fear prevents you from moving, it can paralyze you. Stay in faith, believe in the process, trust in your higher power, love the life you live, and WAIT for the amazing result! Patience is a virtue in life, have faith that your most amazing day is still on its way!

Big Dreams Have Small Beginnings

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

Heal Yourself Beautiful Big Dreams


Big dreams have small beginnings.

Reminds me of faith the size of a mustard seed from the Bible. No dream is TOO BIG for our GOD! We are not meant to settle for “good enough”. When God created you he placed talent and skill within you and waits for you to discover your special gifts. Following your soul’s destiny will create your dream life and one day you will find that AHA! and you will realize the treasure has always been within you. Don’t live with regrets. I heard something the other day, it said that the saddest place to visit is a cemetery… and not just because of the loss of lives. Within a cemetery are millions of “unrealized dreams”. The unloved heart, the person who was too afraid to take a chance at love, the book that was never written, the song that was never song, the painting that was never put on canvas, the masterpiece that was never created, the words that were never spoken, the trips that were never taken, the experiences that were never had, and the dreams that died within the person that was laid to rest. So starting today, set your sights on your WILDEST DREAMS. No dream is TOO BIG, so steer clear of minimal “good enough” mentality. YOU are a precious gift from God, you are not minimal, you are EXTRAORDINARY! Chase your dreams, follow your heart, listen to your soul’s PASSION, seek your BLISS, be good to yourself. As it says in the book, The Secret, the world is your Genie whatever you ask of it, “your wish is my command.”

Which LION are you: Courageous or Cowardly?

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


“A coward dies 1000 deaths, a courageous man only once.” Ernest Hemingway

I was listening to Tony Robbins for morning motivation I heard this gem. What is your focus? What are you saying to yourself? Here’s an interesting analogy. If you saw a bad movie,would you continue to go back to that movie several times even though it made you miserable? Of course we wouldn’t… we wouldn’t waste our money and time on something we know we are not going to enjoy. So why do we agonize ourselves with sabotaging thoughts, causing an uneasy state? Like going to a bad movie over and over again, we have a choice on where to direct our focus and what movie we’re going to play in our heads every moment. Don’t create pain over and over again, feel the emotion once and let it go. Today’s wisdom… stay focused and do your best to stay in the present. If you find yourself fearful and worrying about the future remind yourself to come back to the now. We may not have control over what’s going to happen in two weeks, two months, or even two years, but we do have control over how we react right now. Choose your thoughts wisely, and if you find yourself getting fearful, instead go to a place of gratitude and kick those thoughts out of your head.

HYB Dedication to HEROES: WHO is YOUR Hero?

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou

Who is YOUR Hero?

Your personal hero can be whoever you want them to be. Your hero could be a superhero, like Superman or Wonder Woman. Or, you may have a political figure, like John F. Kennedy, or popular media icon, like Louise Hay or Oprah Winfrey, as your hero. Maybe a popular historical figure is your hero, like Mother Teresa or Gandhi. You may choose a biblical figure, like Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Finally, maybe you choose a friend, teacher, mentor or family member as your hero.

In this video blog, I highlight a dedication to my hero, my Grandmother, Anna. My Grandmother embodied so many characteristic traits that were passed on to my family and I. She held herself to the highest ethical standards and lived a life of love, graciousness, kindness and generosity. I learned “grace” from my grandmother.

After this video blog, take some time to reflect on your hero or heroes in your life. If they are living, find a way to let them know with gratitude. If they have since passed, send light and love in the form of prayer to them so they know how much of an influence they had over your life.

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