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“Dear Boobies”

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold



Written by:  Teri Case, Vitality Stories

Dear Boobies,

I’m sorry I took you for granted 20 years ago and didn’t put a plan in place to keep you buoyant, full and happy. You deserved my utmost attention when I was 25, and yet, like so many other relationships in my life, I was young and foolish, thinking you’d always be there for me, high on my chest, proud and pointy regardless of how I treated you or put you on display.

So many times I feigned modesty when someone complimented you and called you “Missile Tits.” I’d coyly dismiss the bounty you offered. “What, these things? They’re just boobs.” If I could take back those words, I would in a heartbeat, because you see, I want you back. There was, is, nothing “just” about you. You are my bosom friends and deserved to be cosseted. I should have let you bask in the glow of your own high beams and given you the props you deserved and said, “These are Ladies, not Missile Tits, thank you very much.”

Girls, you’ve always been there for me. When I was a late bloomer and you surprised me on my 14th birthday as slowly inflating balloons, I was the happiest teenager in Nevada. We were a team and we looked great together. We were like Thelma & Louise, or Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe. But now, despite being in the same room 24/7, you don’t bounce when I laugh or get jiggy with it when I dance; you just hang there all blah-like, more interested in fraternizing with Madame Bellybutton. I don’t blame you. You’ve drifted south and you plan to stay there, retiring closer to the equator just like everyone else. The past is the past and I know you’ll never be the same or come back, but you deserve to know what I would do if I had the chance to take care of you all over again and how I will treat you going forward.

I’d. Always. Wear. A. Bra.

First and foremost, I’d always wear a bra. All of those outfits that I thought looked better on us when you weren’t cloistered in a bra? So not worth it! Not only did I wear them at your expense, those fickle outfits were in style one day and gone the next. As I pranced and danced around selfishly, I never considered the energy you spent defying gravity and keeping order. You deserved my support, a corsette, a brassiere…but I didn’t give you anything to lean on. You had no cups to runneth over. You were exhausted and I gave you nowhere to rest. I assumed you’d always float and coast through life, but instead you’re boulders sinking to the ocean floor, faster and steadier than the rest of the crew. I vow to always provide you boulder-holders from this day forth.

I’d Have You Properly Measured

Secondly, I’d invest my time and money to have you properly measured. For decades I thought you were a 38-C. When I finally followed a tip to have you fitted by a professional bra-fitter on my 40th birthday, you measured in at 34-DDD. You were Cinderella and deserved a glass slipper and a pumpkin coach to carry your melon-like offerings, but instead I held you back and forced you into the wrong mold and fit for years. Even when I was conscientious enough to protect you with a bra, I failed to give you an adequate foundation. But never again. Now, I march and speak daily on your behalf, touting to all who will listen from 18 years and older, “Please, treat your ladies with respect regardless of their size and give them a place to lay. Your queens have a long journey ahead!

I’d Bathe You in SPF and Moisturizers

Thirdly, I’d lather you and Ms. Décolletage up with SPF every second you were exposed to the sun, and I’d coat you in moisturizing lotion after every shower and bath. I do both now because I get it. At the time, I had no idea how closely the two of you worked together, but now I appreciate that Ms. Déco was holding and pulling you up as long as she could. Her wrinkles are now like roadways and canyons pointing me in the direction you’ve moved.

Posture and Form Exercises – A Must

I should have done more push-ups and one-arm dumbbell rows. Even though I always geared you up in a sports bra for cardio, I neglected the chest and back muscles that provide structure and alignment, anchoring your ligaments. I know, I know, you don’t have muscles, but doing more chest and back, weight-bearing exercises would have improved my posture and form, and therefore, I wouldn’t have started slouching more and more over the years, exposing you once again to the force of Sir Gravity. I can’t make this up to you, but now I am exercising with your future in mind.

Monthly Breast Exams

I’m going to take a short, but critically important, break in my diatribe to say one thing I did right with you. I gave you a breast exam once a month. Over thirty years since you appeared, that is 360 self-administered check-ups! Every day I am grateful for my genetics and I know how lucky I am. According to the *American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013-2014, an astonishing 232,340 new cases of female invasive breast cancer will be reported. This number of women whose lives will change humbles me, and I look forward to giving you at least 480 more inspections.

Lined Tank Tops for Bed Time

There is one more thing that I wish I would have done the past three decades but solemnly swear I will do for the rest of our life together. I will always tuck you in properly when we go to bed. You deserved a lined tank top for support while I tossed and turned, squashing and knocking you to and fro. You needed your rest in order to feel rejuvenated and perky each new day. I can’t turn back the clock, but you’ll have sufficient support around the clock from this day forward.

It’s been a wild 30 years together. I don’t know how much you’ll change over the next few decades, but you’ll have my love and support each step of the way. It is my privilege to grow old with you. Ta-ta for now, Ta Tas.



*American Cancer Society. Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013-2014. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, Inc. 2013

This guest blog first appeared on The Indie Chicks. Check them out because, “being an Indie Chick means being self-empowered, driven, independent, and confident.”

Vitality Stories and You@25:

Teri writes articles for The Indie Chicks at:

Melody Beattie:

Heal Yourself Beautiful BODY, MIND, BEAUTY Guest Blogger: TERI CASE

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


Heal Yourself Beautiful MIND, BODY, BEAUTY Guest Blogger:  TERI CASE

It is my pleasure to welcome my second guest blogger into the Heal Yourself Beautiful® community! Again, as I promised, I will be adding guest experts and curators to my community to add diversity and love, from many practice settings. Whatever your healing need may be, we will be here to support you each step of the way!

My GORGEOUS friend, Teri Case has so graciously agreed to bless us with her insight and knowledge of the woman’s body by assisting me with mind, body and beauty inspiration blogs.

Here is a little bit about Teri so you can get to know her.   Often referred to as the ‘Old Lady Whisperer’ by friends, Teri ghostwrites memoirs for the elderly who want to be remembered by their family for generations to come, and she considers their life stories and hindsight a priceless education. In her blog, Vitality Stories, Teri blogs about these lessons, and most recently started a blog series, Dear Me, where she shares advice from her 45 year old self with her 25 year old self, and therefore, the young ladies of today. She often quotes Melody Beattie, “Having experience is called living. Sharing experiences is called loving. Let yourself enjoy both.” HYB is happy to share Teri’s first Dear Me letter.

Vitality Stories and You@25:

Teri writes articles for The Indie Chicks at:

Melody Beattie:

Heal Yourself Beautiful FITNESS Guest Blogger: KAYLA MICHELLE

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


Heal Yourself Beautiful FITNESS Guest Blogger:  KAYLA MICHELLE

It is my pleasure to welcome my first guest blogger into the Heal Yourself Beautiful® community! As I promised, I will be adding guest experts and curators to my community to add diversity and love, from many practice settings. Whatever your healing need may be, we will be here to support you each step of the way!

My GORGEOUS friend, and trainer, Kayla Michelle has so graciously agreed to bless us with her insight and knowledge of the woman’s body by assisting me with fitness inspiration blogs.

Let me tell you how I met my soul sister, Kayla.  As a result of my health struggles in 2014, it left me with a body diagnosed with insulin resistance, leptin resistance, weight gain, fatigue and muscle loss.  Coming into the new year, I was over 10 pounds heavier than I had been last year at this time.  None of my clothes fit, and I was discouraged every time I walked into my closet.  My body had changed from a well-oiled machine to a tired and sluggish jalopy.  I wanted the well-oiled, sleek and efficient sports car back!  I sought out a program called, Fit in 42, offered by a local gym, Next Level Fitness.  NLF had developed a program guaranteed to get results in 6 weeks!  I couldn’t believe my ears… 6 weeks!  At the end of January, I needed the jump-start and the support that only a dedicated and firmly regimented program could offer, so I enrolled.  I began my fitness journey with NLF on Monday, February 2, 2015 at 4:45 a.m.  This is where I met Kayla Michelle.

I was impressed immediately with all of the trainers and the driving force they created, but I became most connected with Kayla.  At 6 feet tall, and all legs, this gorgeous lady was always poised, gracious, classy and empowering to all of the members.  One particular day, I pushed myself to my limit, and “hit the wall” as they say in the running world.  My asthmatic lungs seized up on me and I was forced to stop mid-exercise.  Kayla immediately recognized the situation and helped me outside for some air.  She assisted me through the tears and disappointment I was feeling in myself and calmed my breathing and emotions.  We were connected… for life.

I chose Kayla to inspire the HYB community because she inspires me.  I see in her all of the qualities I want to possess and more.  Kayla is beauty, grace, compassion, class, and a true “lady”.  She can “throw it down” better than any man in the gym, but still be feminine and graceful.  I know Kayla has a story to tell, and yet this is another reason why she is perfect for a healing community.  Over the next few months, I will be conducting interviews with Kayla so you can “get to know her better”.  For the time being, rest assured, I have chosen only the “cream of the crop” to lead YOU through your fitness journey.  If fitness is an area you want to, or need to, work on, tune into this blog and search for Kayla Michelle.  My soul sister, I extend love and gratitude for your contributions to our HYB community!

Kayla MichelleISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, DVRT Level 1 Certified Sandbag Coach, C.H.E.K Institute Certified in Scientific Core Conditioning, Primal Movement Patterns, and Spine/Back Training and Rehabilitation

Hello Beautiful!

I am honored and overjoyed to be a guest to the HYB family. Thank you, Lori for inviting me into your blog-home! I’m happy to provide a little bit about me, my history and professional experience so we can get to know each other better! 

My athletic history began 23 years ago at age 3 when I followed in my mothers footsteps as a dancer studying disciplines of Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Tap, and Ballroom. In my teens I enjoyed mixed martial arts training, traveling competitively and earning nationally recognized titles in Keichu-Do; a style consisting of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, Karate and street wise Cajun fist-fighting.  Then, starting when I was just 16 years old, I was blessed with opportunities as a runway model, walking for Ready To Wear and Haute Cotoure designers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. Being represented by internationally renowned modeling agencies FORD and RED NYC, I was honored to regularly work with clientele such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Wilkes Bashford, among many others.

My entrance into the fitness realm was marked by my exit from the fashion industry. I sought out my initial certification in exercise and nutrition as a means of empowering myself with knowledge. You see, I allowed pressures of the fashion industry to consume me and I became very ill mentally — Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating disorders destroyed my sense of self worth and my health. Through fitness I found my voice, my strength, again. Most importantly, I was able to rebuild my health! Years ago I practically adopted the attitude my beloved “Boppa” (Grandfather – RIP) instilled in me at an early age, “Always be learning, as long as you’re living.” and I strive to put this perspective into action daily in my personal and professional endeavors. My education as a health and fitness authority includes Nutrition, Supplementation, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation, TRX Suspension, Kettle Bell, Sandbag, Flexibility/Mobility, and more. I am dedicated to offering my clients the very best support, accountability, motivation and program design I can. Whether you need a taller version of Jillian Michaels or a soft-spoken encourager, I meet you where you are (physically, emotionally, mentally) to help determine your individual needs and develop a comprehensive/holistically focused plan necessary to achieve the best and strongest version of yourself you can be!

As part of my quest to “lead by example”, quench my thirst for competition, and hunger for the stage I grew up on, I began competing in physique competitions as an NPC (National Physique Committee) bikini competitor in 2013. Currently, I am a champion national level competitor and a proud member of Team Zero Gravity, Coached by Ryan and Taylor Bentson. I’ve been awarded the following titles in my competitive career:  2nd Place at the 2013 NPC Southern California Championships which earned me qualification for the 2013 NPC USA’s National Championship in Las Vegas. In 2014 I won 3rd Place and national qualification at the NPC Los Angeles Grand Prix, 1st Place and national qualification at the NPC Los Angeles Championships, and 9th Place at the 2014 NPC USA’s Las Vegas National Championship. I am currently preparing for my next National Show this Spring and pro-card qualification when I will begin competing as a professional athlete.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to contributing in any way I can to your healthy journey!

I encourage you to follow Kayla on her social media sites:
Facebook Athlete Fan Page:
Instagram: KaylaMichelle_Fit

Twitter: @Kayla_Fit89



Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


Heal Yourself Beautiful® is all about creating a community and networking opportunity for women. This is a safe place filled with kindness, love, empowerment, motivation and inspiration. It is my hope that I can create a team of AMAZING and WONDERFUL women who will INSPIRE you and make you want to be the best you can be.

So often in our lives, especially as women, we neglect to take care of ourselves. We spend an incredible amount of our lives devoted to caretaking of those we love… we can’t help it, we were programmed to be nurturers. But at what point do we focus the attention on ourselves and spend time looking deep within ourselves and spend time “healing” our bodies. Or, when do we take the time to partake in activities and habits that make us feel beautiful?

I know I am one of those women who will find every excuse in the book to not get a manicure and pedicure. I will weigh the cost against what I could get in tangible items versus the cost of this needless pampering. But, what I really deserve is this “needless pampering”. For just an hour, wouldn’t you love to have a foot message and pretty nail polish with feminine flowers and designs on your toenails? This may be far-fetched for some of you. Maybe, you can’t imagine having one hour of quiet to light some candles, turn on some music, grab a glass of wine and relax in a bubble bath… because your children are beating down the door within ten minutes asking when you will be done (I know this because we used to do this to my Mom).HEAL. Come to this community to HEAL yourself by creating a healthy environment for your mind, body and soul. By doing so you will turn your cells on and activate them forcing them into a positive empowering place. Healthy, positive, and enlivened cells will respond by causing a chain reaction in your body that, at a cellular level, is creating a wonderful symphony with all of your body systems. You will start to feel better, be more energetic, and even look better. I am not promising I will heal you… I am instilling belief that YOU CAN HEAL YOU!YOURSELF. Yes, YOU! This is about YOU! Your body is very, very smart and the messages you are sending to yourself should be of love, nurturing and compassion. Treat yourself with respect and honor your body and mind. Embark in activities that you love, and find your bliss. Pamper your soul. Put yourself first. Don’t live with regrets wishing you could have done something “when you were younger”… let today be the day to start!

BEAUTIFUL. First, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Beauty is not just what we see on the outside. Looks fade… Beauty is timeless. Beauty starts from within. Truly gorgeous women have this amazing inner glow and you can feel the warmth of their personality before you even meet them. It is that sparkle in their eye. It is the passion they possess. It is the selfless generosity and giving spirit they practice daily. It is gentleness, non-judgement, grace, poise and class. When you learn how to have a love affair with yourself, you won’t believe how beautiful you become!

HEAL YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL®. In the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to a wonderful team of gorgeous, amazing, inspiring and motivational women who will be featured as my guest bloggers. They will be offering their expertise in the many areas of Mind, Body, Nutrition and Beauty. Each blog will bring you one step closer to being the best YOU that you can possibly be, as well as giving you some entertainment! I encourage you to learn about each of these women, as well as myself, so you know who they are and why I chose them to be a part of my team. Aging is not a curse, rather, Aging is Wisdom and Enlightenment about YOURSELF. Proper love and nourishment will keep you feeling youthful, looking youthful, and better able to enjoy your most fulfilling life!