STOP Those Food Cravings!

Do you suffer from constant cravings?  Are you a sweet or salty craver?  Is your go-to chocolate or potato chips?  Did you know that the types of food you crave could signal a nutritional deficiency you may have that can be fixed with supplying the appropriate nutrients your body may be lacking?

In this QUICK video, I will show YOU how to curb those cravings utilizing supplements your body may be needing.  Many of these supplements are available in the Heal Yourself Beautiful online store.  I have provided the product codes to the supplements mentioned in this blog, and be sure to sign up for the HYB Newsletter and receive valuable discount codes for these supplements:

1.  L-Glutamine:  Product Code #LGL250, LGL500

2.  Chromium:  Product Code #CHR090

3.  Magnesium Glycinate:  Product Code#MGC120

4.  Himalayan Sea Salt

5.  5-HTP: Product Code #HTP090

6.  B-Supreme:   Product Code #BSP060, BSP120

7.  L-Tyrosine: Product Code #TYR120

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