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Heal Yourself ENERGIZED: Nutrient Optimization

Bio-Resonance Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test

Dr. Lori Provides Optimal Nutritional Analysis & Planning for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sports performance

60-MINUTE 1:1 Analysis & Feedback with Dr. Lori

  • Individualized and Targeted Nutritional/Dietary Guidance
  • Supplement and Herbal  Recommendations
  • Follow-up consultation with results scheduled within 10-14 days

30-PAGE COMPREHENSIVE REPORT (provided via Email)

  • Food and Food Additive Sensitivity
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies:16 Vitamins, 16 Minerals, 23 Amino Acids, Omegas (3,6,9), 13 Anti-Oxidants
  • Wi-fi, Cell Phone, EMF and ELF alerts and toxicity

WHY Epigenetic Bio-Resonance Hair Follicle Testing?

WHY? Epigenetic Bio-Resonance testing may help improve outcomes in health and illness management. It is a phenomenon with wide-ranging effects on many aspects of biology and enormous potential in illness prevention and is mentioned everywhere from academic journals to the mainstream media. The results give us an opportunity to review diet and lifestyle choices together as a coach/client team, and we can highlight YOUR weakest links. You will be provided with a holistic and integrative service to help you achieve optimal results. Any outside stimulus detected by the body has the potential to cause epigenetic modifications. These can include: air pollution, household chemicals, cell phone, radio waves, wi-fi radiation, food additives and preservatives, processed food ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, and even stress and emotional tension.

WHAT is an Epigenetic Bio-Resonance hair test? A hi-tech hair scanner developed in Germany analyzes nutritional and environmental epigenetic strengths and weaknesses via a supercomputer in Hamburg, Germany. Like all living things, our genes emit wavelengths of energy that can now be measured with a Tesla bio-resonance scanner. The scan will search for anomalies in your DNA, and then provides a personalized 30-page “wellbeing report”. You will be provided with insights to the negative (or positive) impact of your diet, environment and your lifestyle. The test is very quick, AND PAINLESS!

ANTI-AGING: It is clear that we live in a very TOXIC world and we are exposed to toxins, chemicals and poisons on a daily basis. Stress and chemicals have a significant impact on contributing to premature aging and creating disease. Bio-Resonance hair testing helps us to highlight deficiencies in nutrients, as well as exposing foods we need to avoid. When you supply your body with the nutrients it is lacking, eliminate foods that cause inflammation and distress, and concentrate on lifestyle modifications and healthier choices, you are on the path to optimal health, wellness, longevity and increased energy level.

DIGESTION AND NUTRITION: Together WE can find ways to achieve OPTIMUM NUTRITION for you. In doing so, you may now be more successful at alleviating digestive problems, skin issues, headaches and a multitude of other symptoms, and may even sleep better!

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Athletes often are looking to gain “the edge” in their training programs. Even the typical client that exercises daily would like to take themselves to the next level of their fitness and health programs. By performing Bio-Resonance hair testing, we can identify potential underlying digestive issues and food “intolerances” with the potential to hinder your progress and that are potentially adding inflammation to your body that can manifest as reduced exercise tolerance, fatigue and sluggishness, pain, difficulty recovering quickly after exercise, and even bothersome gas, bloating, distention and constipation or diarrhea. Utilizing this test we can identify potential amino acid and essential fatty acid deficiencies and offer suggestions to boost or improve your digestion and appropriate assimilation of these vital nutrients.

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Epigenetic Test And Consultation

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