“I can’t thank you enough for helping me!! I had the mold test done and they found it in my bathroom!  Also I feel so much better and have dropped 6.5 lbs. of inflammation!!! Thank you!”

KH – Palm Desert, CA

“Can’t tell you how much better I feel since we spoke.  Sticking to the food list and cannot believe it!  Plus, I have lost 4 lbs. (in 3 days).  Exciting!” 

MJ – Beaumont, CA

“When I started the HYB program I was so tired and had adrenal fatigue.  Dr. Lori targeted a program to heal my adrenals and consistently coached me every week for 3 months.  My goal was to feel better and look better on the beach.  I was able to achieve this in 3 months, and I am continuing the good habits I started on the HYB program.  Thank you Dr. Lori!”

LD – San Diego, CA

“Lori Arnold is a friend and pharmacist who gave up the typical pharmacy drugs for a more holistic approach. I was having chronic fatigue which regular drugs and MDs could not solve …..even after looking at my blood work. I was low on thyroid, D3 and B12! My doctor said my ranges were normal! Normal for who? After showing Lori and my compounding pharmacy, my bloodwork, I immediately went on thyroid, then D3,and B12! Within days I had so much energy!”

DC – La Quinta, CA