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Heal Yourself Beautiful® is all about creating a community and networking opportunity for women. This is a safe place filled with kindness, love, empowerment, motivation and inspiration. It is my hope that I can create a team of AMAZING and WONDERFUL women who will INSPIRE you and make you want to be the best you can be.

So often in our lives, especially as women, we neglect to take care of ourselves. We spend an incredible amount of our lives devoted to caretaking of those we love… we can’t help it, we were programmed to be nurturers. But at what point do we focus the attention on ourselves and spend time looking deep within ourselves and spend time “healing” our bodies. Or, when do we take the time to partake in activities and habits that make us feel beautiful?

I know I am one of those women who will find every excuse in the book to not get a manicure and pedicure. I will weigh the cost against what I could get in tangible items versus the cost of this needless pampering. But, what I really deserve is this “needless pampering”. For just an hour, wouldn’t you love to have a foot message and pretty nail polish with feminine flowers and designs on your toenails? This may be far-fetched for some of you. Maybe, you can’t imagine having one hour of quiet to light some candles, turn on some music, grab a glass of wine and relax in a bubble bath… because your children are beating down the door within ten minutes asking when you will be done (I know this because we used to do this to my Mom).HEAL. Come to this community to HEAL yourself by creating a healthy environment for your mind, body and soul. By doing so you will turn your cells on and activate them forcing them into a positive empowering place. Healthy, positive, and enlivened cells will respond by causing a chain reaction in your body that, at a cellular level, is creating a wonderful symphony with all of your body systems. You will start to feel better, be more energetic, and even look better. I am not promising I will heal you… I am instilling belief that YOU CAN HEAL YOU!YOURSELF. Yes, YOU! This is about YOU! Your body is very, very smart and the messages you are sending to yourself should be of love, nurturing and compassion. Treat yourself with respect and honor your body and mind. Embark in activities that you love, and find your bliss. Pamper your soul. Put yourself first. Don’t live with regrets wishing you could have done something “when you were younger”… let today be the day to start!

BEAUTIFUL. First, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Beauty is not just what we see on the outside. Looks fade… Beauty is timeless. Beauty starts from within. Truly gorgeous women have this amazing inner glow and you can feel the warmth of their personality before you even meet them. It is that sparkle in their eye. It is the passion they possess. It is the selfless generosity and giving spirit they practice daily. It is gentleness, non-judgement, grace, poise and class. When you learn how to have a love affair with yourself, you won’t believe how beautiful you become!

HEAL YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL®. In the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to a wonderful team of gorgeous, amazing, inspiring and motivational women who will be featured as my guest bloggers. They will be offering their expertise in the many areas of Mind, Body, Nutrition and Beauty. Each blog will bring you one step closer to being the best YOU that you can possibly be, as well as giving you some entertainment! I encourage you to learn about each of these women, as well as myself, so you know who they are and why I chose them to be a part of my team. Aging is not a curse, rather, Aging is Wisdom and Enlightenment about YOURSELF. Proper love and nourishment will keep you feeling youthful, looking youthful, and better able to enjoy your most fulfilling life!

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