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How can YOU go from SICK to STUNNING?

In FITNESS BLOG #6, and the road to my first NPC Physique Competition, I continue to update you through my health and wellness video series.  By attempting to inspire and motivate YOU to wellness, I have overcome autoimmune illness and toxic mold poisoning that had left me debilitated much of 2014.  I want you to see where you can take your body when you instill faith in yourself and your body’s natural ability to “heal itself”… without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or treatments.

It is now Week #12 of NLF routine, and Week #6 of Physique-specific training and nutrition regimen.  We are now only 5 WEEKS away from NPC in LA!  After an injury last week, I bounced back and am happy to report increased energy, 3% body fat loss, increase in strength and even gains in weight lifting.  I once again review some of the techniques I used to “heal” over the last week. In addition, you will learn improvements in thyroid and my thoughts on this progress.  Finally, the final test… wardrobe test!!!  Do the dresses fit???  I officially BRAVED the closet test that has been haunting me since becoming ill last year.  What was the result?

Final thought, THROW THE SCALE AWAY!  How do your clothes fit?  How do you look in the mirror? Are others commenting you on the observed weight loss?  The scale is just a number.  A few years ago, I thought I was at my ideal weight of 115 pounds because I was wearing the same size as I did in high school.  Unfortunately, to obtain this weight and maintain it I had to sacrifice carbs and many foods I loved.  This led to severe cravings and constant binges to quell the cravings.  It was a terrible cycle and I always felt horrible because of the blood sugar fluctuations.  I now am eating 6 times a day!!! I had to ask several times if that was right and my trainer assured me she knew what she was doing (thank you, Teresa Washack)!  I reintroduced carbs and immediately started to feel better, especially with thinking skills.  I am now at 130 pounds, and CAN WEAR THE EXACT SAME SIZE as when I was 115 pounds!  Come back for the next progress report to see how I am doing!!!

Gain important insights into this unique healing journey and be prepared to be inspired, motivated and energized to find ways to teach YOUR body HOW-TO HEAL ITSELF!

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