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How can YOU go from SICK to STUNNING?

In FITNESS BLOG #4, I continue to lead you through my video health and wellness “diary” from healing autoimmune disease and Toxic Mold Syndrome to training for a physique competition… a challenging practice in physical fitness.  Today is Day #4 of weight training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio, I had a challenging day and want to share this with you.  Anything worth having requires dedication, commitment and lots of hard work!

The process is by no means physically easy!  This is true with any path to a successful outcome… the road is never straight and it is filled with curves, twists and turns, and many mountains to climb!  But remember, always be KIND to your body, listen to the messages, let it recover and recoup and adequately hydrate and supplement when building and breaking down muscle.  I will also give you some tips I used to help rejuvenate my body using far-infrared sauna (click on link in the HYB Products under SUNLIGHTEN SAUNA for more information and additional discounts from HYB), warm bath with epsom salts, lavender and baking soda, drinking alkaline water and lots of REST!

Take care of your body, because your body will pay you back in dividends!!!

Gain important insights into this unique healing journey and be prepared to be inspired, motivated and energized to find ways to teach YOUR body HOW-TO HEAL ITSELF!

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