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How can YOU go from SICK to STUNNING?

In FITNESS BLOG #3, I reiterate why you should join a dedicated fitness and wellness program.  After completing a 42-day fitness program, I needed another goal to get me to another level physically.  I joined the Next Level Fitness Physique Team, led by Teresa Washack, and will be competing in my first competition in L.A. in May 2015!  So, WHY do a PHYSIQUE COMPETITION?  WHAT am I trying to prove?  What are my motives for competing?  I lead you through my thoughts and insights on being a part of this new fitness community.  I also open up honestly about my struggle to get to this new adventure and how my illness affected my body, mind and spirit.

In BLOG #3, you will also learn my personal struggles after turning 40 years old in May of 2014, and subsequently developing severe physical and emotional torment, in addition to an “empty spiritual tank”.  Thoughts turned dark with debilitating depression and added brain fog, loss of cognition and loss of faith in myself.  Later we learn this was all the result of “poison” in the form of inhalation of black toxic mold, Stachybotrys, in my home. How did I overcome this?  Watch this short video blog to find out.

Be prepared to take your body to places you can’t even imagine!  Gain important insights into this unique healing journey and be prepared to be inspired, motivated and energized to find ways to teach YOUR body HOW-TO HEAL ITSELF!

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