FITNESS BLOG #10: Journey to HEALTH – From SICK to STUNNING! – NPC Competition Results

How can YOU go from SICK to STUNNING? In Blog #10 of my Fitness Journey, and road to NPC Physique Competition, I continue to update you through my health and wellness video series. By attempting to inspire and motivate YOU to wellness, I have overcome autoimmune illness and toxic mold poisoning that had left me debilitated much of 2014. I want you to see where you can take your body when you instill faith in yourself and your body’s natural ability to “heal itself”… without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or treatments.

Today is the DAY AFTER the NPC Competition in Culver City, California. I am back at home and excited to share the results of the award ceremony from last night. I am proud to report I PLACED 3rd in my Masters 40+ Division! This is an incredible achievement for my first competition!

Recall back to when I started my journey on the bikini team on March 17th, I had only 2 months of preparation! I did not set out to compete to win a trophy or even place in the Top 5… I had other objectives in mind when I began. My main objective was to get healthy. I wanted to restore my vitality and energy levels, and what I knew my body was capable of. I wanted to heal myself “fit”.

LADIES, YOU can do this too! If I could take a very sick body and turn it around “health-wise”, YOU can too! Have faith, have patience, and have love for yourself and you will get through your journey successfully!

Gain important insights into this unique healing journey and prepared to be inspired, motivated and energized to find ways to teach your body to heal itself. Are YOU sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you struggling with ways to get your body to reverse the disease process and restore your vitality and energy?

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