The Poison Was the Cure… My Struggle With Toxic Mold Poisoning

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


It is time.  Time to share my story with all of you.  We all have our share of health struggles.  Mine is probably not that much different from yours.  Over the next few weeks, you will get an intimate introduction into my health struggles and learn how I was able to overcome each and every insult to my health.  Today, I am going to begin by sharing an awesome podcast from last summer, 2015.

I was on FIRE! This interview was featured on the Food As Medicine Podcast, hosted by Dr. Anh. Dr. Anh interviewed me on Toxic Mold Poisoning and my experience with this dangerous toxin. If you have interest in this topic and how to teach your body how to heal from this devastating toxin, then this podcast is for you. Grab a free hour, maybe while you are on a treadmill, and catch this very informative podcast!

What will you learn?  You will learn many of the symptoms I dealt with as I was being poisoned by the very hostile Black Toxic Mold, Stachybotrys.  I will explain how devastating this experience was and all the body systems that took a serious hit.  I will note my struggles with getting practitioners to listen to me and being “blown off” by traditional doctors.  I will lead you through how I detoxed this poison from my system and give you some options on how to heal yourself from similar toxic insults.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Toxic Mold Poisoning Didn’t Poison Me…


Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

How can YOU go from SICK to STUNNING?

In FITNESS BLOG #6, and the road to my first NPC Physique Competition, I continue to update you through my health and wellness video series.  By attempting to inspire and motivate YOU to wellness, I have overcome autoimmune illness and toxic mold poisoning that had left me debilitated much of 2014.  I want you to see where you can take your body when you instill faith in yourself and your body’s natural ability to “heal itself”… without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or treatments.

It is now Week #12 of NLF routine, and Week #6 of Physique-specific training and nutrition regimen.  We are now only 5 WEEKS away from NPC in LA!  After an injury last week, I bounced back and am happy to report increased energy, 3% body fat loss, increase in strength and even gains in weight lifting.  I once again review some of the techniques I used to “heal” over the last week. In addition, you will learn improvements in thyroid and my thoughts on this progress.  Finally, the final test… wardrobe test!!!  Do the dresses fit???  I officially BRAVED the closet test that has been haunting me since becoming ill last year.  What was the result?

Final thought, THROW THE SCALE AWAY!  How do your clothes fit?  How do you look in the mirror? Are others commenting you on the observed weight loss?  The scale is just a number.  A few years ago, I thought I was at my ideal weight of 115 pounds because I was wearing the same size as I did in high school.  Unfortunately, to obtain this weight and maintain it I had to sacrifice carbs and many foods I loved.  This led to severe cravings and constant binges to quell the cravings.  It was a terrible cycle and I always felt horrible because of the blood sugar fluctuations.  I now am eating 6 times a day!!! I had to ask several times if that was right and my trainer assured me she knew what she was doing (thank you, Teresa Washack)!  I reintroduced carbs and immediately started to feel better, especially with thinking skills.  I am now at 130 pounds, and CAN WEAR THE EXACT SAME SIZE as when I was 115 pounds!  Come back for the next progress report to see how I am doing!!!

Gain important insights into this unique healing journey and be prepared to be inspired, motivated and energized to find ways to teach YOUR body HOW-TO HEAL ITSELF!

YOU are a “Work-In-Progress”… God’s Not Done With You!

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Everyone is a work-in-progress. Sometimes when it feels like you can’t take anymore, and the pressure and stress is pushing you to the breaking point, that is EXACTLY the point that you should know your victory is right around the corner. Stay strong, Beautiful, YOU are the pearl that will emerge from the shell!  Never give up, your best day is right around the corner…

Morning BUZZ! Jay Robb Protein Powder in Coffee!

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

MORNING BUZZ!  Jay Robb Protein Powder in Coffee “HOW TO”!

I LOVE my morning jolt of caffeine when I awake and just prior to going to the gym.  I get that extra energy boost I need for my workouts, and the caffeine and warm liquid of the coffee help keep my asthmatic airways open.  I also know it is very important to have protein prior to going to the gym to help you sustain your workout.  What if we marry my two favorites?  What would happen?

In this video, I highlight the simple technique you can do at home, WITH NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT, to achieve a smooth and creamy CHOCOLATE PROTEIN COFFEE without the clumps.  After endless failures that led to excessive waste and many dumps down the drain, I couldn’t find just the right technique to get rid of those nasty clumps.  I didn’t want to “chew” my coffee!  The beauty of a high quality whey protein, like Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein or Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein, is that the protein will dissolve evenly if aggitated just right.  If you like extra foam, you can throw the coffee and the protein powder in your Vitamixor Blendtec blender and it will work fine.  But if you can’t afford a high power blender, this technique is right for you!

Excuse the shaky videographer… he had TOO much coffee that morning!


Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

How can YOU go from SICK to STUNNING?

In FITNESS BLOG #5, the road to my first NPC competition, we are only 6 WEEKS AWAY!  I continue to lead you through my video health and wellness “diary” from autoimmune disease and Toxic Mold Syndrome to training for a physique competition… a very physically challenging activity.

This is Week #5 of physique training and Week #11 of my total NLF (Next Level Fitness) experience.  Unfortunately, I had an “event” in the gym resulting in injury.  Learn HOW I dealt with this injury and some of the techniques I used to avoid taking anti-inflammatory or pharmaceutical drugs.  Witness as I once again “healed myself” back to recovery with additional expert advise and help from her Chiropractor, Dr. Curtis Buddingh, and expert nutritionist/trainer and Vice President of Clark’s Nutrition, Starkie Sauers.  A regimen of natural anti-inflammatory, muscle and tissue repair agents and stress reduction supplements were utilized including: BCAA (Product Code #BCA270 in HYB Products), MSM (Product Code #MSM400 in HYB Products), L-Glutamine (Product Code #LGL500 in HYB Products), Arnica , Liga-Tend, Fish Oils (Product Code #OVU240 in HYB Products), Vitamin C (Product Code #STC090), Schisandra Adrenal Complex to reduce adrenal burden and stress, stabilization of my back with ice and rest, in addition to a short week-long hiatus from weight training.

Gain important insights into this unique healing journey and be prepared to be inspired, motivated and energized to find ways to teach YOUR body HOW-TO HEAL ITSELF!