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Find Your PASSION: Light Up Your Life

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what is your passion

“Life’s too short to be bored and unfulfilled. Find your passion and use it to light up your life.” – John C. Maxwell

What is YOUR passion? Do you even know? Would you recognize it if you saw it? Do you wake up every day excited and driven to do what you love because you know it is your heart’s delight and true calling?
This is a tough one for a lot of us. The attached article is a great read for those who just don’t know how to figure out their passion. I have been down this road and being true to your calling is difficult and SCARY! Don’t let FEAR lead the way for you, let FAITH be your compass. Here is a snippet of the article for you to do as homework. Answer these questions and you are one step closer to finding your passion:

Listen to yourself.

Too many people simply go through the motions every day. The demands of life cause them to make convenient choices rather than heartfelt ones. But to tap into your passion, you have to know what you want. Look for clues. What excites you? What makes you dream? What makes your heart sing?
You’d think something as big as a life passion would be easy to identify, but often it’s not. Take some time to reflect on these questions:
1. If you inherited so much money that you would never have to work again, what would you do with your time?
2. What would you never give up because you love it so much?
3. What hobbies have you pursued over the years and why? These may be clues that will tell you something about yourself.
4. What are you naturally good at—so good that other people compliment you?
5. When others consult you for advice, what do they ask you about?
6. What are you curious about?
7. What do you do better than anything else?

The CORSET DIET: Yes or No? Is Waist Training a Good Idea?

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#Corset Diet, yes or no?

Also called “waist training” has hit mainstream and the Hollywood crowd over the last few years. For centuries women were FORCED to “widdle their middle” into these tight, restrictive and unbearable contraptions. Now, celebs like the Kardashians and Jessica Alba swear by these “devices”. Jessica Alba stated she wore hers day and night for 3 months after giving birth and credits wearing this contraption for her weight loss.

Do you lose weight with a corset? Well, science says NO WAY. I have worn one of these, and actually have it in my closet. It is great to help you nip and tuck away what you are trying to hide, but can become quite disappointing when you squeeze yourself into a sausage and find your “excess” spills over the top… not a pretty look ladies!

Next, these things are painful! It hurts to have a contraption wrapped around you so tightly you can barely sit down. The more expensive ones have metal boning in them that keeps everything pretty upright, which isn’t all bad for sitting at a desk all day because it definitely improves your posture. I found I had difficulty breathing in it. The tighter you cinch the corset the more you constrict your diaphragm, so don’t even think about working out in it… that can be dangerous because it restricts you from taking a full breath.

Oh, one theory on weight loss is because everything is slammed together in your gut you eat less and aren’t as hungry. Well, yes and no. You for sure can’t eat as much food because there is no room for it in there, but this can also cause acid refluxing because too much food may find it’s way back up into your esophagus and that simply is not pleasant. Be prepared to run to the bathroom more often, because when everything is squished together, it pushes your colon along a little more.

Finally, and this is the worst of all the things I experienced, it compresses your rib cage which can be dangerous. A slight turn in the wrong direction while contorted and compressed can result in a torn intercostal ligament (between ribs) which is excruciating and will result in weeks of missed gym days and many sleepless nights. If it gets REALLY bad, you can actually crack or break a rib, which sets you back even further. Why do I tell you this? Because I suffered torn intercostal 3 times and 2 cracked ribs in the several months I wore this contraption. Bottom line, though it looks like the next best thing since buttered bread, please think twice. Abs are not made in a waist trainer, they are made at the dinner table and at the end of your fork. Hard work, consistent exercise, plenty of sleep and rest and consistency and dedication is why creates that beautiful waist ladies!

“People Who Can’t See It for Themselves, Can’t See It for You!”

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


“People who can’t see it for themselves, can’t see it for you!” Les Brown.

Prolific words today as I was getting my dose of morning motivation. When you have a dream planted in your soul, surround yourself with those who believe in you. Many people just don’t get it, won’t understand it, and think because they are too fearful to step outside their comfort zone that it will not work for YOU. That is the biggest lie! It is not true. We have to learn to be unafraid of stepping into the unknown.

As Garth Brooks would say, “Standing outside the fire!” When we are on the verge of the biggest breakthroughs in life, sometimes that is when the biggest opposition hits us. Whether it is the parasite, the “enemy”, or even friends or family, sometimes you have to believe that if the dream seed was planted in you, that GOD meant it for YOU. Pursue it. Track it. Follow it! Be the LION, not the sheep!

Jesus said, “Be not afraid” because he knew we were created and destined for greatness. If you didn’t know, GOD doesn’t make mistakes. So, next time someone in your life becomes a naysayer trying to plant seeds of doubt, just remember, it is YOUR seed that you need to nourish, not their opinion! Be GREAT! Be BRILLIANT! Be BOLD! Be STRONG! Be AWESOME! Let them hear you ROAR!

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Wisdom and Integrity…

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WISDOM is knowing the right path to take… INTEGRITY is taking it.

When standing at the crossroads of life do you take the path less taken or do you follow the masses down the well trodden trail? I used to drag myself along with the others like a drone without purpose questioning if the status quo of being comfortable was good enough. Now, as I look back at my choices I realize that in this moment of uncomfortable uncertainty, I couldn’t be more confident in my endeavors. Always do the right thing. Take risks. Nothing worth having is easy to achieve. The reward will be beyond my wildest dreams. Push ahead. Never give up. Believe that the power is within you.