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Big Dreams Have Small Beginnings

Heal Yourself Beautiful Big Dreams


Big dreams have small beginnings.

Reminds me of faith the size of a mustard seed from the Bible. No dream is TOO BIG for our GOD! We are not meant to settle for “good enough”. When God created you he placed talent and skill within you and waits for you to discover your special gifts. Following your soul’s destiny will create your dream life and one day you will find that AHA! and you will realize the treasure has always been within you. Don’t live with regrets. I heard something the other day, it said that the saddest place to visit is a cemetery… and not just because of the loss of lives. Within a cemetery are millions of “unrealized dreams”. The unloved heart, the person who was too afraid to take a chance at love, the book that was never written, the song that was never song, the painting that was never put on canvas, the masterpiece that was never created, the words that were never spoken, the trips that were never taken, the experiences that were never had, and the dreams that died within the person that was laid to rest. So starting today, set your sights on your WILDEST DREAMS. No dream is TOO BIG, so steer clear of minimal “good enough” mentality. YOU are a precious gift from God, you are not minimal, you are EXTRAORDINARY! Chase your dreams, follow your heart, listen to your soul’s PASSION, seek your BLISS, be good to yourself. As it says in the book, The Secret, the world is your Genie whatever you ask of it, “your wish is my command.”

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