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Benefits of Gluten-Free for Weight Loss

Gluten-containing products could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts!  Many individuals have an intolerance, or even an allergy, to gluten.  Gluten is the “glue” that binds many baked products together, but can be found in many other food items which the manufacturers “hide” using alias names other than gluten.

My personal weight loss journey was at a standstill until I discovered I had a gluten “intolerance”.  Intolerance is different from ALLERGY, in that I had severe digestive issues in the form of bloating, constipation, distress and heartburn when I consumed wheat products.  VERY different from an allergy that can cause shortness of breath, severe hives and even anaphylactic reactions.  People who suffer from Celiac Disease have an allergy to gluten, not an intolerance.

If you are at a standstill with your weight loss, you may want to trial a short-term elimination of all gluten-containing foods to see if you notice an improvement in your efforts, or you may also notice a decrease in symptoms like I was having.

For more information on this topic beyond this quick video, please refer to the book, Wheat Belly, written by Dr. William Davis.

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