March 2015

Benefits of Gluten-Free for Weight Loss

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

Gluten-containing products could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts!  Many individuals have an intolerance, or even an allergy, to gluten.  Gluten is the “glue” that binds many baked products together, but can be found in many other food items which the manufacturers “hide” using alias names other than gluten.

My personal weight loss journey was at a standstill until I discovered I had a gluten “intolerance”.  Intolerance is different from ALLERGY, in that I had severe digestive issues in the form of bloating, constipation, distress and heartburn when I consumed wheat products.  VERY different from an allergy that can cause shortness of breath, severe hives and even anaphylactic reactions.  People who suffer from Celiac Disease have an allergy to gluten, not an intolerance.

If you are at a standstill with your weight loss, you may want to trial a short-term elimination of all gluten-containing foods to see if you notice an improvement in your efforts, or you may also notice a decrease in symptoms like I was having.

For more information on this topic beyond this quick video, please refer to the book, Wheat Belly, written by Dr. William Davis.

INSPIRE: Music Playlist to Heal Yourself Beautiful

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


Music has healing properties.  Research has proven this.  Music can also have a tremendous influence on your mood.  It can uplift you and inspire you, or motivate and make you feel happier.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is also music that can make you aggressive and angry.

If you are in a place where you want to teach your body to “heal”, whether from physical illness or from mental anguish or anxiety, choose your music wisely.  My whole life I have loved music.  I was never a musician, and honestly have no rhythm and am a little tone deaf.  That does not deter me from singing in the shower, or loudly in church!  I am also that lady you pull alongside in traffic that is happily singing along to the radio… and even chair dancing at stoplights!  Try this sometime and see how the drivers next to you react when they see you doing this, but don’t do it WHILE driving… that is dangerous!

I LOVE to have several specific playlists in my iTunes account for every occasion.  You will notice I will post these for you frequently as I create new lists.  This list contains my Heal Yourself Beautiful® TOP 10 SONGS TO INSPIRE.  Listen to the lyrics carefully, and you will understand why I curated this list.  Life is too short to spend time focusing on the negatives.  Sometimes you need something greater than yourself to lift you up and carry you on your journey.  This could be a spiritual channel, like God, or maybe it could be in the form of a family member, spouse or friend.  When it seems hopeless, seek hope from within yourself.  YOU are gorgeous and there is no limit to what you can do if you just believe in yourself.  Be your own “wind beneath your wings”.  The strength is within YOU!


  1. “Live Like You Were Dying” : Tim McGraw
  2. “Jesus Take the Wheel” :  Carrie Underwood
  3. “The River” : Garth Brooks
  4. “Wonderful World” : Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole
  5.  “Greatest Love of All” : Whitney Houston
  6. “I Hope You Dance” : Lee Ann Womack
  7.  “Beautiful” : Christina Aguilara
  8. “Skyscraper” : Demi Lovato
  9. “Hero” : Mariah Carey
  10.  “Wind Beneath My Wings” : Bette Midler

Another Life Destroyed by Nexium

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


Another story I just heard about an additional patient who’s life was destroyed by a prescription medication. This time, it is the same medication that destroyed my gut and caused osteopenia for me. Read this story and please say some prayers for this patient:

“Asking for prayers for my neighbor. He was put on Nexium for acid reflux for years – developed osteoporosis as a result (these medications are only meant to be used short-term as they limit the body’s ability to absorb calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients). As a result, he developed severe osteoporosis and has had multiple leg and hip fractures as a result. Recently he had a knee replacement surgery that became severely infected. Tomorrow they are going to have to go back in and remove the appliances from the knee or he is going to have to have his leg amputated. He will be in a wheelchair permanently for at least the next year while this surgery heals and hopefully the infection is brought under control. He and his wife are so discouraged and I know they would appreciate you remembering them in your thoughts and prayers. His name is Larry and her name is LaDonna. Thanks, friends!”
Thank you, Carlene Snyder, for sharing this story with my community!

STOP Those Food Cravings!

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold

Do you suffer from constant cravings?  Are you a sweet or salty craver?  Is your go-to chocolate or potato chips?  Did you know that the types of food you crave could signal a nutritional deficiency you may have that can be fixed with supplying the appropriate nutrients your body may be lacking?

In this QUICK video, I will show YOU how to curb those cravings utilizing supplements your body may be needing.  Many of these supplements are available in the Heal Yourself Beautiful online store.  I have provided the product codes to the supplements mentioned in this blog, and be sure to sign up for the HYB Newsletter and receive valuable discount codes for these supplements:

1.  L-Glutamine:  Product Code #LGL250, LGL500

2.  Chromium:  Product Code #CHR090

3.  Magnesium Glycinate:  Product Code#MGC120

4.  Himalayan Sea Salt

5.  5-HTP: Product Code #HTP090

6.  B-Supreme:   Product Code #BSP060, BSP120

7.  L-Tyrosine: Product Code #TYR120

Chamomile- Bringing Rest to the Weary

Posted by Dr. Lori Arnold


Trouble sleeping?? One of my all-time favorites. Just 1-2 cups though… or you will disrupt sleep by getting up to use the restroom all night!

Chamomile is one of the oldest known herbs, with a unique history that dates all the way back to the Egyptians, who used it for medicinal purposes as well as for embalming the dead. Its name means “ground apple,” which aptly describes its slightly fruity aroma and white circular flowers that grow close to the ground and sport protruding, yellow centers. Chamomile is often associated with a hot cup of relaxing tea, since its calming properties can soothe the nerves; however, this versatile herb is also used for aromatherapy, as a fragrance in various cosmetics and beauty products, as an anti-inflammatory, a fabric dye and even to highlight blonde hair! Due to its popularity, chamomile can be found in almost any health enthusiast’s herbal toolbox – from the novice herbalist, to the most skilled practitioner.

One of chamomile’s most coveted health benefits is its ability to calm an anxious soul and bring rest to the weary. Perhaps it is because of the alarming rate at which practitioners are witnessing increasing trends of stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia that chamomile has been extensively utilized. Regardless the reason, recent studies confirm what has been proposed for centuries – chamomile effectively helps to decrease mild to moderate anxietyand it influences GABA receptors to produce a sedative effect. In arandomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 57 outpatients with mild to moderate Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) were given 220 to 1100mg of German chamomile extract, standardized to 1.2 percent of its key constituent apigenin, or placebo. After 8 weeks, chamomile reduced mean Hamilton Anxiety Rating (HAM-A) scores by greater than 50 percent.

It is proposed that the psychiatric effect of chamomile is due to the flavonoid, apigenin (and perhaps others), which works by reducing GABA activity. These same constituents may also effect noradrenalin and dopamine receptors and may also modulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis, all of which are intricately involved in the stress response of humans. This complex network of hormones and neurotransmitters is responsible for our myriad of moods, attitudes and emotions that ultimately influence sleep, anxiety, depression and other psychological functions. This may easily explain why chamomile positively influences all of these interconnecting conditions.The safety and tolerability of chamomile are excellent, making it a viable choice for assisting with calming the nerves and promoting rest and sleep.

Chamomile is historically best known and used to promote sleep, and research backs this up in both human and animal trials. In a randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study of 34 adults with chronic insomnia, 560mg of Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) given for 28 days resulted in improved daytime functioning and modest, favorable effects on sleep behavior. Chamomile’s main flavonoid, apigenin, has been shown to elicit benzodiazepine-like activity and to significantly decrease sleep latency in mice.  This may, therefore, provide an explanation for chamomile’s efficacy as a sleep-promoting agent.

At the very least, chamomile should be considered in regimens purposing to induce rest, relaxation and good sleep. It also possesses additional benefits such as soothing the digestive system and helping with a healthy inflammatory response. Chamomile can be consumed as a hot tea, or taken as a tincture or in capsule form. Its history bears witness to the undeniable position it holds in the world of botanical therapies as it has certainly earned its standing as a familiar and useful herb known and enjoyed by people all over the world.

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